Real Estate Inspections

Third-party inspection firms are frequently contacted by real estate agents as part of the process in selling a home. Rozier professional handles visual septic inspections, testing of private water systems, wood destroying insect inspections.

During a visual inspection of a septic system, water is run from faucets within the home, in addition to the flushing of toilets. A visual inspection passes as long as no water surfaces near the drain field and no backing up is experienced within the plumbing of the house.

During a water inspection, private wells are chlorinated typically the day before the sample is taken. The chlorine is first given time to treat the water within the well before it is run through the pipes of the house to clear out any of the untreated water that remained in the pipes. The sample is then taken and analyzed in a lab. The results typically take a day or two.

More Information

We commonly test water samples for bacteria, lead, nitrites, hardness of water, and other items on request.